AR & VR games

NextGen Simulators: Unity Mobile Game Development Services

Augmented Reality

Development of AR or VR games consists similar techniques and technologies as creating other games. By adding some elements we can turn anything into Virtual or Augmented reality. We provide complete design and customizable environment for VR & AR games, mimicking the real world and re-creating new realities wherever your imagination takes you by conceptualizing and visualizing your requests. Designing best user experience and creating unforgettable game mechanics.

Components contain

  • Using your camera to create new realities
  • Empower your players mobile camera to create ultimate realities.
  • Create different creatures on any medium through your camera lense
  • Enable your phone to play Virtual reality games and or augmented games


  • New realities through mobile camera
  • Affordable solution to give AR experience to your audience
  • VR games are now one click away