Custom Mobile Game development

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Custom Mobile

Our main goal is to provide game development from scratch, for android and iOS, conceptualization your idea and gamifying it in best possible ways. Polish it to stand out from the market and achieve high number of downloads, by analysing your potential competitors and their approach to the market. We can gamify your product or service to promote your brand in more interactive way. We’re targeting different entities and enterprises from all levels, we are also open for ongoing projects that consists different collaborations with different teams.

General information starts with an initial meeting where we discuss your ideas, look at business opportunities and make sure we are entirely in line with your vision and goals.
Signing NDA in order to be in complete transparent to understand the project well.
Understanding your positioning in the market and your target group the game genre etc...
Agreeing on working together to make this happen!
  • Game design: choosing proper style for your game
  • Create and finalize the game design for you
  • Creating game assets (background, characters, important elements)
  • Getting feedbacks and understanding the path
  • Create proper UI & UX and levels design
  • Android & iOS
  • Tablet or/and phone
  • Login using social media or no login
  • Designing feature: custom, replicated or basic
  • App business model: in app purchase, ads, free
  • User reminder to rate your product
  • App quality : basic, standard, or high end

You can also hire us as an extension team to work on ongoing game creation project. We have full stack game development team at your service.